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Get To Know Our Team At Mile Hi Express

Britt founder

Brit Schabacker

President / Owner

I’ve owned Mile Hi Express for almost 10 years. I was in commercial real estate leasing office space in Denver prior to joining Mile Hi Express in 2007. The change has been an exciting time for me and my professional career. What I really like about the transportation business are the people. Everyone is real down to earth and they appreciate the service that we provide. My goal is to continue to expand our customer base while maintaining the excellent service to our existing base of clients. When everything is all said and done, your reputation is all that you have and I fully intend on maintaining that!

Katya Schabacker

Katya Schabacker

Managing Partner

Katya Schabacker grew up in Yekaterinburg, Russia.   She has a PhD in Sociology and was a Professor at Ural University, which was the 3rd largest University in Russia.   She moved to the United States and joined Mile Hi Express in 2013.  Recently, Katya has taken on a bigger role with Mile Hi Express as a Managing Partner.  She is taking over all marketing and sales as well as helping to manage the direction of the Company.  She enjoys working out, photography, traveling and trying new foods!  Perhaps her most important task is being a fantastic wife and an extraordinary mother to her and Brit’s two boys Maks and Charlie!

Cory Roughton

Willie Williams

Warehouse Manager

We we’re fortunate to have found Willie Williams as our Warehouse Manager. He started with Mile Hi Express in November of 2019. Willie has a fantastic demeanor which spreads to our other employees. He’s always positive and enthusiastic. He hit the ground running implementing new procedures and processes for the Company. When Willie is not working at Mile Hi Express, his biggest passion are cars. He personally rebuilt a 1965 Chevy Impala as well as a 1979 Monte Carlo. He often spends time showing these cars at local auto shows. Willie has been married for 15 years to his lovely wife Alley. We’re lucky to have such a good person working for Mile Hi Express.

Cory Roughton

Rodolfo Flores

CDL Driver

Rodolfo has worked for Mile Hi Express since 2013!  He drivers one of short trucks, #418.  His job entails delivering pallets to a lot of difficult locations like restaurants and shopping malls….as well as locations that require a lift gate service.  We are always amazed at his efficiency in making deliveries.  He has a fantastic personality and our customers always enjoy when he arrives with their product.  He enjoys hanging out with his wife, kids and grand kids on the weekends.  They seem to always be getting together and making fantastic meals!  Rodolfo has been a great employee at Mile Hi Express.  We hope he retires here at some point in the future!

Cory Roughton

Joe Miller

CDL Driver

Joe Miller has been a CDL driver with Mile Hi Express since 2015.  He drivers our truck #814.  We first met Joe when he helped us out one day while working for a CDL temp agency back in 2015.  We we’re so impressed, that we went ahead and made arrangements to hire him full time.  Joe and his wife, Naomi, enjoy taking it easy on the weekends.  Naomi is actually in the process of getting her Masters in Sociology and, apparently, she’s number 1 in her class!  Joe is a very safety conscious driver who always conducts himself in a professional manner!  We’re very lucky to have him driving a truck for Mile Hi Express.

Cory Roughton

Jimmy Alvarenga

Warehouse Associate

Jimmy has worked at Mile Hi Express since 2016.  He plays a large part in receiving freight from our customers and loading our outbound trucks.  He’s going to be a big part of our receiving, inventory tracking and building orders when we move into our new facility in 2019!  He is a native of El Salvador growing up in the city of Chalatenango!  What a surprise that Jimmy is a fantastic soccer player who actually plays on a local semi-professional team here in Denver.  He has two daughters and a brand new little boy (he’s not getting much sleep).  Jimmy has been a great asset to the Mile Hi Express team.  Oh, and how could we forget, he’s an avid Oakland Raider fan!  We don’t hold that against him.

Cory Roughton

Kim Bridges

Administrative Assistant

Kim has been with Mile Hi Express since July of 2019 as an Administrative Assistant. We originally set up a phone interview with Kim. As we’re waiting for the call, we were surprised to see that Kim actually showed up for a live interview. We knew this happened for a reason because it only took about 5 minutes to figure out that Kim was going to be a perfect fit for us. She has an unbelievably positive and enthusiastic personality! It’s so important for us to have someone exude such a positive Mid-West attitude to our customers. She fits in perfectly with our team and she’s always more than willing to help out where needed. Kim and her husband, Brock, reside in Bennett, CO with their two boys.

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