Introducing Our New Refrigerated And Frozen Facility

Colorado Family Owned

Refrigerated / Frozen Pool Distribution

On Time Delivery

With 50 Years Experience

Providing Extraordinary Refrigerated / Frozen
Trucking Services Since 1960

Local 303-296-8465


We receive 6 days per week
We deliver 5 days per week

Monday through Friday – 5:00AM to 4:00PM
*Sunday – 8:00AM to Noon

Saturday and Sunday deliveries under special arrangement

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide extraordinary refrigerated and frozen transportation services to our customers. To treat our customers, as well as to our fellow employees, with enthusiasm, honesty, accountability and integrity. To cultivate strong family and team values among our employees with the goal of working as a team to provide the best customer service possible, while providing a safe working atmosphere for our valued employees where we can help them excel and achieve their life goals.

Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity

    Mile Hi Express and its employees will always tell the truth and hold themselves to the highest of personal standards.

  • Customer service

    We handle the valuable product of our customers, so it’s important that we communicate with them through the whole process of receiving, consolidating and redelivering!

  • Dignity and Respect

    We treat everyone, whether it’s business or personal, how we want to be treated…with dignity and respect!

  • Passion for excellence

    Mile Hi Express wants to be the best at what we do, which is to provide refrigerated and frozen pool distribution along the Front Range of Colorado.

  • Enthusiasm

    Enthusiasm is contagious, it exemplifies our daily activities here at Mile Hi Express.

Adrian Concepcion

The easiest 5-star review I have ever had to leave. 7 year happy customer of Mile Hi Express. With all the consolidation in the industry, there are not many operators like them left. They have the capabilities and capacity of the large corporate cold storage and consolidation operators, but still run the business like a family-owned operation. Mile Hi is always my first call for refrigerated and frozen consolidation in the Denver metro area.

Bess Watt

Our experience over the past few years with Mile Hi Express has been a great one, especially in our dealings with the individual drivers. They’ve been professional, friendly, and courteous as we would recommend Mile Hi Express to any business wanting their deliveries done right.

Chris Carr

My favorite place to deliver, I’m usually on a multi drop load when I get here, they get us in and out and the people they have on the docks are great to deal with!


My company told me I have 10 am appointment but I showed up here 1hour before as usual. I checked in got the door right away. Cory answered door very professional. I was in and out. Thx mile hi Express for being professional.

Pa Trucker

Awesome place to deliver to. Hopefully if they get some new wharehouse built they will offer drivers lounge. And i can hang out with great people!!!!!!!!! No lumper fee. Saturday 8 to noon. Always get the same guy on saturday…wow what a place

Monica Sanchez

We use these guys often and they are amazing. Always more than willing to go above and beyond no matter what. Will always be my go to guys!!

J Mae Vail

One of the fastest deliveries I’ve ever made in the Denver area. No lumper fees. Brit ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Winston White

Very powerful and awesome place to be doing business

cesar romero

Best place ever so fast I can’t believe.

Amrit Singh

This is how every warehouse should work.

Eric Mead

Incredibly nice people. First come first serve to offload. Tight location

John Carder

In and out promptly, No lumper fee here.😁

Aaron Carr

I delivered here the Saturday before Christmas. I wish I could deliver here every time I came to Denver…

Lani Violet

The staff here is very nice and reliable. Always enjoy working with them.

Chandler Morton

Good service and location for our business

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It can take hours upon hours for a driver to make local pick ups in and around Denver, Colorado. Why not have Mile Hi Express pick up product and consolidate it in our warehouse? We do all the leg work, your truck just makes one stop instead of 5 or 6! This could potentially save a driver a day or two alone! Imagine the benefit of your driver leaving Denver on a Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday night or Wednesday morning!

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