Mile Hi Express | 12550 E. 33rd Ave, Aurora, CO 80011

Refrigerated/Frozen Pool Distribution

Mile Hi Express is a refrigerated/frozen warehouse and trucking company providing pool distribution in Denver and the Front Range of Colorado. Our business is to receive, consolidate and redeliver……pretty simple. We are delivering to all the retail and food service warehouses in Colorado……King Soopers, US Foods, UNFI, Kehe, Shamrock, Sysco, DPI, Vistar, Roma/Donson…..the Walmart Distribution Center in Cheyenne, WY just to name a few. We also deliver into a lot of restaurants and retail locations that require box trucks with lift gates.

If you are a shipper, carrier or 3PL that has multiple drop loads coming into or through Colorado….Mile Hi Express can help! You could drop your freight off with Mile Hi Express and let us take care of the deliveries. We can save the over the road carriers valuable time by getting them back on the road and generating revenue…..not sitting at a dock waiting to be unloaded. We’re dropping trailers at a lot of the consignees which helps reduce unnecessary fees such as detention!

We’re very good at what we do! We’ve been doing it since 1960! Give us a call and let us show you how we can be an awesome partner here in Colorado…….OUR MARKET!