Mile Hi Express | 12550 E. 33rd Ave, Aurora, CO 80011

Cross Docking/Accessorial Services

Short Hold:

We can receive product and store in our warehouse for a few days. The customer can then come back and pick up the product at a later date.

Load Transfer Services:

If you have a truck that needs to have a load transferred to a different truck going to a differently location, let us help!

Load Rearrangement Services:

If you need product unloaded from your truck and put in a different delivery order, we can help!

Liftgate Services:

If you have a delivery that requires the use of a liftgate, we can help! We have a fleet of 26 foot box trucks that can deliver to the tight spots that often require lift gates.

Inside delivery Services:

If your customer requires a driver to move pallets inside a location at the time of delivery, we can assist!

Product Donations:

We have several local donations centers that are more than welcome to pick up product needing to be donated.

Disposal Services:

If you need product disposed because it’s damaged, past its code dates, out of temp or, perhaps, it just needs to be disposed, let Mile Hi Express help!

Inside Delivery Denver, CO