When It Makes Sense to Arrange Refrigerated Trailer RentalIf you operate a business, you may need a refrigerated truck on occasion. Most businesses don’t need to invest in their own trucking fleet, much less one that includes refrigerated trucks. Renting a refrigerated truck is a great alternative and doesn’t come with the excessive costs of buying and maintaining a trucking fleet. Whether you’re transporting food or heat-sensitive products, the convenience and care offered by a trucking service cannot be understated.

Investing in a Fleet vs. Truck Rental

For many businesses, funds are an issue. You have enough to keep your company going strong, products flowing in and out, and happy employees on the floor. What you don’t have, however, is extra funds to operate a fleet of refrigerated trailers. It may be wiser to spend your money on rentals instead.

This is especially true if long-distance refrigerated shipping is outside the norm in your business. If you’re just running a limited-time special on a particular product, it wouldn’t make sense to buy an entire fleet for one product line.

Benefits of Refrigerated Trailer Rentals

The benefits of hiring a refrigerated trailer service are numerous:

  • Purchasing a refrigerated trailer is a long-term investment that may take many years to pay off, whereas renting is more cost-effective.
  • You don’t need to pay for truck maintenance or upkeep.
  • You’re protected by liability agreements.
  • There aren’t any storage costs for the trailer itself.
  • You can focus your attention where it matters—on your business activities.
  • The flexibility and convenience of truck rentals—short- or long-term leases—give you options.
  • Renting with one company helps you build a bond of trust with those who protect your goods on the road.

Renting a refrigerated trailer makes sense in many cases. Mile Hi Express proudly serves the nation with refrigerated and frozen transportation services for businesses and clients across the country. Give us a call at 1-800-332-2064!

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