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What Are Refrigerated Trucks Used For?

What Are Refrigerated Trucks Used For?

If you’ve ever wondered how your fresh strawberries stay fresh from the farm to your fridge, or how medical supplies remain at the perfect temperature during transit, the answer lies in the wonders of refrigerated trucks. These technological marvels have revolutionized several industries, ensuring that products reach their destinations in optimal conditions. Mile Hi Express, a leader in LTL redelivery, provides insights into these fantastic vehicles.

What is a Refrigerated Truck?

A refrigerated truck, colloquially known as a ‘reefer’, is a vehicle designed to transport perishable goods at specific temperatures. Whether it’s fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, or frozen goods, these trucks use a cooling system to ensure that the cargo remains at the desired temperature throughout its journey.

Types of Refrigerated Truck

While the primary function of all refrigerated trucks is to maintain temperature, there are different types based on the specific needs:

  • Ice-cooled trucks: Incorporating large amounts of ice to keep the cargo cool.
  • Liquid Nitrogen-cooled trucks: Using liquid nitrogen to maintain very low temperatures.
  • Mechanical refrigeration trucks: The most common type, where an onboard refrigeration system cools the cargo area.

What Are Refrigerated Trucks Used For?

The applications of refrigerated trucks are vast and varied:

  • Food and Beverages: Dairy products, frozen foods, fresh produce, seafood, and meat all require controlled temperatures to prevent spoilage.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Certain medications and vaccines must be kept at precise temperatures to retain their efficacy.
  • Floral Transport: Fresh flowers are sensitive to temperature changes, and refrigerated trucks ensure they reach their destination in bloom.
  • Art and Antiques: Some artwork and antiques are sensitive to environmental conditions, and controlled temperatures can prevent damage.

How Does Full Truckload Work? 

Full truckload, often abbreviated as FTL, refers to shipments where the cargo occupies the entire truck. Instead of sharing space with other shipments, as in LTL (Less Than Truckload), FTL shipments use the entire truck for a single consignment. This method is faster since there’s no stopping to offload other goods, making it ideal for large shipments or sensitive goods that require swift delivery.

With FTL, clients benefit from reduced handling of goods (since it’s a direct point-to-point service), potentially faster delivery times, and often, a fixed price regardless of the weight of the consignment.

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