Why Mile Hi Express?

Here are several reasons why Mile Hi Express is the best choice:

  • We are a financially sound company with over 50 years of experience managing the efficient distribution of refrigerated/frozen (and dry) LTL/TL freight into consignees throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming.
  • We are a clean well maintained fleet of refrigerated tractor trailers and straight trucks operated by experienced, safety conscious, professional drivers
  • We are a stable, knowledgeable warehouse team with key management personnel averaging over 25 years of service with the company.
  • Finally, we are a caring, courteous office staff committed to a loyal customer base with a goal of providing every customer, whether large or small, complete satisfaction with our service(s).

Our Motto

To Service Our Customers With Transparency and to Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!
It is the Refrigerated / Frozen LTL Way and has been the Mile Hi Express standard for over 50 years!

Our business is to receive freight one day and deliver the next.

Started in 1960, Mile Hi Express Inc is a Denver based, family owned, financially sound business providing shippers, trucking and logistics companies refrigerated (and dry) LTL/TL cross dock as well as pool distribution into consignees located throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming.

We receive freight 7 days per week and deliver 5 days… Monday through Friday from 5:00AM to 4:00PM and Sunday from 8:00AM to to Noon. Saturday deliveries are an option under special arrangement. Our fleet of tractor trailers and straight trucks is entirely refrigerated. We do operate a fleet of multi-temp trailers.  We deliver into consignees from restaurants to large retail and foodservice warehouse (with standing appointments).

We care about those who entrust us with their business and will do whatever is necessary, under all circumstances, to substantiate their confidence in our ability to manage their deliveries in our marketing region. You’ll find us courteous and professional. Our goal is to provide our customers hassle free, consistent and timely deliveries maintaining the efficiency of service for which we’re known. Our stable employee base is acutely aware that our customers come first and are always to be treated with respect…no exceptions!


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